About Us

I first got involved with bicycles in Kingston, Jamaica at the age of 10, when I put together my first bicycle using spare parts and scrap pieces of cycles that had been trashed.  When I got older, I began working in a sporting goods store as a sales man/ bicycle mechanic.  In 1987, I was approached to put some bikes together for a man’s family to give to his children as Christmas presents.  After completing this request, my job shifted to one of bicycle repairs, maintenance and custom building.  I would ride my Green BMX bicycle with my tool bag on the handle bar within a 50 mile radius to repair and service bicycles.

In April, 1996, I moved to the Cayman Islands.  After being here for over ten years, I came to see the need for a company that focused on mobile bicycle repairs and services, just like years ago in Kingston.  Inspired to work with my passion again, I started Cayman Bike Mobile Repair in May, 2008.  Over the years, due to customer demand, I also began to offer new bicycles, bicycle accessories, cycle computers and clothing for sale.IMG_0452

I forged a relationship with a company whose product I believed in  –FELT–  and became the
Cayman Islands Authorised Dealer for all of their bicycle products

The goal of Cayman Bike Repairs is to see families and friends come together and have fun in both in a healthy and happy way through cycling.  We also support social and charity events along with local competitive cycling events.

Our goal is to deliver quality products here on Island. (Along With warranty).

Our MOTTO: To deliver quality products and services to our customer!
(along with a warranty)

We will come to the customers: Island wide.
Appointments are always Welcome!
We accept cash, local checks, credit/debit cards.